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Every Thursday morning at 7:10 AM London, UK time.  Zoom Meeting ID: 8990529015 843 38P43 
Do you want to improve your public speaking skills…in a friendly, supportive and fun environment with like-minded people?  Look no further, City Limits Speakers is the place for you!
Check out the video to see just how City Limits benefited its members… Whether you want to improve your self confidence, learn how to develop and deliver engaging speeches, be able to speak impromptu, or run effective meetings, whatever your public-speaking goal is, City Limits offers a safe, friendly, fun,  and informative environment where yu can develop your speaking skills and become a great communicator.  You will learn a great deal from your fellow members who are on the same journey to improve their public speaking skills.
Our club is part of  Toastmasters International and follow its educational programme.


What are the benefits of CLUB membership ?

As a member of City Limits you will get a speaking role at every meeting, as a speaker or a functionary such as timer, grammarian, evaluator, or meeting host.  You can also enroll in the Toastmasters International educational pPathways which provides a systematic series of projects ro improve your speaking skills

How much will my speaking improve ?

By attending meetings regularly many new members have made rapid progress in improving their self confidence and are able to deliver speeches effectively.  Often a significant change is observable in a month or serval months..The warm friendly atmosphere of the club and  the excellent feedback provided after each speech or role are other key factors for improvement. 

Is mentoring and Coaching Available ?

Yes every new member is provided with the support they need through mentoring or coaching.  City Limits has many experienced members who are happy to help new members improve their speaking.  More experienced members are also able to request mentoring and coaching from the experienced club members as and when they want support or help.

Is there a program to develop from A beginner to AN advanced Speaker ?

City Limits members participate in the Pathways Educational program from Toastmasters International which has projects ranging from basic speeches to advanced projects like podcast, blogs and keynote speeches.  There are 5 levels in each Pathway with certificates for completion of each level. Upon completion of two Pathways you will be given the  Distinguished Toastmaster award the highest award at Toastmasters.

How do I join City LIMITs and What is the cost of Club membership ?

Upon completing a club application form and making payment of £60 for six months of membership you will become a City Limits member.  You will also be set up with an account with Toastmasters Intenational, which will allow you access the Pathways learning system and full access to Toastmasters resources online.  In addition, you will be provided with club ID which you can use to sign up for functionary roles and speeches at our meetings.

Can i join meetings online or In person ?

Currently, because of the Covid-19 restrictions all meeting are online on Zoom.  However, when the lockdown is lifted we will have in person meetings but online attendance will also be available.  So members will have the choice to attend our meetings in person or online.  Our in person meetings will be in London U.K. around the area of Bank.  As things stand, the earliest that in person meeting will start is in September 2021

About City Limits Speakers

City Limits was founded in 2015 and is one of London’s premier Toastmasters clubs with a great mix of experienced, intermediate, and new speakers.  We have a warm, friendly, and fun atmosphere at our meetings. Our meetings are currently online on Zoom.  Once the restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted we will have in person meetings in the Bank area of London, but there will still be the option to join the meetings online.


Phone: +44 7917 644042
Email: ram.nutakki@helix-tech.ocm
Currently Online Only, In Person Meetings Will Held Near Bank in City of London
Meetings Every Thursday at 7:10 AM for a 7:20 AM start
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